May 2020

Donate To Sustain

To mitigate the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a philanthropic donation campaign in our organization. The campaign was a massive success as it received an impressive response from our employees as they generously contributed to the PM Cares Fund.

The LoginRadius management team also added an equivalent amount of the total sum as a gesture of unity and encouragement during the hard times. Needless-to-say, we are completely prepared to assist in fighting this global emergency in any way possible. We will continue to step up our efforts in this direction in the future.

Mar 2020

Buy For Smile

Small businesses need local communities to help them. We believe that making the most of any opportunity is essential. No wonder we have been boosting our engagement in the community while finding ways to inspire the team and network with other local professionals to give back a little.

At LoginRadius, we keep reminding ourselves that the joy of giving is year-round. We feel lucky that we can contribute to projects that help our community. During the Indian festivals of Lohri and Makar Sankranti 2020, we invited the kids of Naya Sawera to our Jaipur office to sell their handmade bags. We were once again overwhelmed by the participation of our team.

Jan 2020

Cricket For Cause

One need not always donate money to make a difference. There are other creative ways to support the causes close to our hearts. For starters, we can encourage our community to get out and engage in some friendly competition. We can raise money and awareness for your cause in the process.

Following the success of the "Kick For Cause" project, we hosted a cricket tournament "Cricket For Cause" in Jaipur to help Naya Sawera raise funds for its kids. Sixteen teams from different corporate groups participated in the event.

Jan 2020

Kick For Cause

This year, as part of our 11th Foundation Day, we announced our flagship campaign "Women Entrepreneurship Program." Women face many social hurdles; in fact, they have very little access to financial institutions. Our goal is to motivate them, free them from oppression, and make them self-reliant through this campaign. Therefore, complementing the year 2020, we helped twenty women self-sustain by providing them the required skills training and donating the initial capital to start their own small business.

To generate the funds, we organized a one-day friendly football tournament. More so, we also helped the women sell their products by hosting exhibits in various hotspots within Jaipur.

Nov 2019

Share A Smile

The holiday season encourages us not only to give but to celebrate the joy of sharing. We also believe that volunteering is another great way to participate in community service and to contribute our skills to charitable organizations. There are infinite possibilities, from shelters and food banks to arts groups, churches, and schools; they are all searching for happy volunteers.

With the help of Union Gospel Mission (UGM), the team at LoginRadius got to do just that—we celebrated the holiday season 2019 by preparing gifts for the residents at one of UGM Vancouver's housing facilities. We wrote Christmas cards and assembled gift bags full of goodies and treats, including socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, gloves, candies, and chocolates.

Oct 2019

Purchase for Happiness

We aim to create a world where self-reliance is the standard norm. We encourage children in shelter homes to learn new skills and make them feel good about it. We also support organizational and individual involvement in creating real opportunities for kids to upskill their talent through various initiatives. As such, festivals are the common time in India for children’s shelters to organize mela and set stalls to sell boxes, candles, and other handicrafts made by them.

In the fall of 2019, just before the Diwali holidays set in, we invited the kids of Naya Sawera to our Jaipur office to help them sell their handcrafted candles. We were overwhelmed by the participation and the great generosity showcased by our team.

Jun 2019

Daan Utsav

We are working in our capacity to create a world that is fair and just. We work through community-building activities and support people with donations to pull themselves out of poverty and hunger. To undertake the aid and development, LoginRadius works within its scope to bring smiles in the face of the marginalized, all year long. The team at LoginRadius, too, has been an integral part of this conscious social awareness exhibited by the company.

Every year around Diwali, Daan Utsav is celebrated where the team makes contributions to the kids at the Naya Sawera NGO. While some donate money, others donate clothes, toys, shoes, stationery, utensils, and Diwali gifts—there's no fixed way. Some also visit the shelter home in-person and celebrate the festival with the kids.

Aug 2018

Seashore Clean Up

Seashores are the gateway between the sea and our land. We need to be sensitive to how we treat these swathes of land. Seashore garbage is a critical water crisis that affects human health and the ecosystem at large. As part of an organization-wide volunteering effort to provide cleaner lakes, beaches, and seas, the LoginRadius team registered with the Shoreline Cleanup Committee, Vancouver, in 2018.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a Vancouver Aquarium and WWF-Canada national conservation project that aims to rejuvenate water bodies. It is recognized as one of Canada's largest direct conservation initiatives. We joined their campaign to encourage Canadians to keep all shorelines litter-free and to reduce the environmental effects of the ever-growing garbage footprint.

Mar 2018

Sponsor to Educate

Education is a fundamental human right, and all children, regardless of their social and economic status, have the right to learn. But unfortunately, according to UNICEF, nearly one in five children of school age is not in school. A staggering 759 million adults population is illiterate and does not have the requisite knowledge to improve their living standards and their children.

At LoginRadius, we believe in a modern and more progressive method of education. We seek to provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment in which every child, including children with disabilities and the marginalized, have access to quality education from early childhood. Keeping our humble cause in mind, we have been sponsoring the school fees of 15 children - five kids from Kartavya NGO, IIT Dhanbad Campus, and ten kids from Naya Sawera NGO, Jaipur, since 2018. As our organization grows, we intend to increase our count as well.